Tabitha Foundation Cambodia

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With our regular newsletters, we aim to keep you posted on all the interesting and important news and updates of our programs and various activities. Enjoy reading! 

May 2010


Dear friends and partners, It’s a bit of a hard newsletter this morning - I have been diagnosed with early stage breast cancer - prognosis is excellent - but the process is a bit daunting. What it all means is that over the next 3 months - my life will have its moments - it also means that the Tabitha staff are stepping up to the plate and carrying out all the work with renewed vigor - I do have excellent support from Dr Doug and Jude, Tabitha Australia and from AnLee and Valerie, Tabitha Singapore, my family in Canada and my doctor, Laura here. In short, I am very blessed with excellent medical care and support.

Miriam is going through it with me - has pointed out that she too has lumps in her breasts and her neck - I am happy she is verbalizing so much. What do I need from all of you - your prayers and positive vibes - and continuing support for Tabitha, my staff and all the great accomplishments they are doing. If you are on the teams coming this summer, bear with us - I may not be able to serve you personally as I would like but my staff will do what I am unable to do. I will keep you all apprised of the progress of this particular journey as it evolves. In other news, Tabitha’s growth and strengthening of their families is truly amazing. As news continues to spread about field wells and the impact they have – more and more of our families are beginning to see a way out of their constant poverty – thank you all for making that possible. As some of you may know, we have added the building of schools to our programs. The need for schools comes from communities who have progressed out of their deep poverty and are moving towards a more sustainable life. Their immediate needs of food, clothing, water are being met – and their attention starts to turn towards education for their children. This current program year, we are building and completing five schools. What a delight and honor that is. I thank my God for each of you – without the extended Tabitha family – my personal problem would not be resolved so quickly – without each of you – our families that we work with – their problems would not be resolved either. Thank you for making that happen. Janne