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Welcome to Tabitha Foundation Cambodia

The reporting in this website starts at September 2012.

For the fiscal year Sept 2016 to Aug 2017, Tabitha has 13,381 families with 107,048dependents 

Overall, Tabitha has made an impact on  555,596 families with 4,444,768 dependents

Recent Newsletters

February 22, 2017

Dear Friends and Partners,

This month I went on a site visit to meet our new families in Kompong Speu. What a lovely day it turned out to be. The weather was perfect, the rice harvest was in and the families were delighted to show us their pass books and their purchases.

Some had bought chickens – but I could see no chickens. Other had bought pigs but I could see no pigs. Where are your animals, I asked. And the chatter began – at 7 in the morning – we turn our animals loose – the pigs go into the fields to forage – they roam far and wide- the chickens roam the surrounding fields. I was a bit dumbfounded – how do you know your own pigs and chickens – the laughter increased at my ignorance - oh, they chortled – they come home when they are hungry – usually when the sun goes down. One wizened grandmother looked me in the eye – my pig sometimes stays out overnight – I think maybe he has a girlfriend.


Water sources

The Tabitha WATER program runs in parallel with the “Community Development through Savings” program. This program enables families to have access to clean, potable water and to raise a family’s income significantly.


Nokor Tep Women's Hospital - A key vision of the Tabitha Foundation is to ensure better health.