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Welcome to Tabitha Foundation Cambodia

The reporting in this website starts at September 2012.

For the fiscal year Sept 2016 to Aug 2017, Tabitha has 12,265 families with 98,120dependents 

Overall, Tabitha has made an impact on  554,480 families with 4,435,840 dependents

Recent Newsletters

December 1, 2016

Dear Friends and Partners,

This week the month of December begins. It is a month of anticipation and hope – a month where many around the world celebrate the advent of Christmas – it’s a time when we plan our giving for others and wait in excitement to see what our gifts will be. It is also a time of refection of the year past and looking forward to the New Year that will come. December is an exciting month.

In Cambodia, December is just another month – there is no Christmas – no anticipation. And yet within our Tabitha families every month is one full of anticipation. The family of Lon Hout knows of this excitement. Lon and his wife have seven children – they live meanly in a tiny hut shared with his parents.


Water sources

The Tabitha WATER program runs in parallel with the “Community Development through Savings” program. This program enables families to have access to clean, potable water and to raise a family’s income significantly.


Nokor Tep Women's Hospital - A key vision of the Tabitha Foundation is to ensure better health.